The Cellacast Splint is the solution for patients and healthcare professionals. The Ready-for-use Padded Splint with padding on both sides is simple to use and versatile, provides a high degree of stability and is comfortable to wear.

The Ready-for-use Padded Splint meets the individual requirements of healthcare professionals and is comfortable against patients’ skin. Different widths, available as pre-cut sizes or by the meter in practical cardboard dispensers, make for economic use of the materials. A resealable, airtight foil pouch prevents the product from drying out. The splint is secured with a conforming bandage like Mollelast haft and can be taken off easily, if necessary (e.g. to inspect the wound). The fibreglass core, which is composed of seven layers, provides the required stability.

  • Seven layers of polyurethane-impregnated fibreglass fabric
  • Padded on both sides

Splints (folded length 3.6 m in cardboard dispenser)
Measurement SKU
7.5 cm (width) L25040
10 cm (width) L25041
12.5 cm (width) L25042
15 cm (width) L25043
7.5 × 30 cm L25250
10 × 38 cm L25251
10 × 76 cm L25252
12.5 × 76 cm L25253