Why wear flight socks?

Legs are prone to swelling on long-haul flights, partially due to the cabin pressure and sitting in the same position for long periods of time. By wearing ORTHOFIT IN FLIGHT SOCKS, blood circulation is aided through the sock's graduated compression system, reducing swelling and the risk of deep vain thrombosis, and leaving you feeling fresh on arrival.

  • Graduated compression
  • Reduces swelling
  • Soft, comfortable & non-itchy

Size Name Measurement SKU Inner Box QTY Shipper Carton QTY
Small (Black/Sheer) Ankle circumference: 21,5 - 26,5 cm OFSBLSML/OFSBSML 1 40
Medium(Black/Sheer) Ankle circumference: 23,5 - 29 cm OFSBLMED/OFSBMED 1 40
Large(Black/Sheer) Ankle circumference: 26,5 - 32 cm OFSBLLRG/OFSBLRG 1 40
X Large(Black/Sheer) Ankle circumference: 25,5 - 35 cm OFSBLXLRG/OFSBXLRG 1 40