CELLONA® self-adhesive PADDING

The Cellona Padding is used as a supple, non-slip application for partially padded plaster of Paris and synthetic casts at all pressure-sensitive areas. It is used to prevent pressure points from forming, thus improving wearing comfort.

The strong point of the air-permeable material is its self-adhesive property which makes the padding material non-slip. This is due to a skin-friendly adhesive which is applied in strips to the padding. The padding is available in a number of sizes and thicknesses and comes in a foil pouch or rolled.

50% polyester, 30% polypropylene and 20% viscose.

Size Name Measurement SKU
19 × 38 cm 5 mm thick sheet, per 10 pieces in foil pouch L50810
58 × 100 cm 2 mm thick roll L10641