Sleep easy weighted baby blanket

Occupational Therapists have found that by applying gentle pressure and a feeling of "containment" babies fall asleep and settle more easily. The Weighted Baby Blanket does just that, constructed with large, sewn-in pockets into which small self contained weights are evenly distributed, the blanket applies pressure to your baby's body, helping to ensure peaceful sleep


For warmed blanket: On cold days place blanket between mom and baby while feeding. This warms the blanket to body temperature and can then be used to cover baby for sleeping.

For cooled blanket: Plance blanket in a plastic bag and place in freezer until blanket is cool (use for fevers).


Outer cover is machine washable.

Wash inner by hand.


Weight: approximately 500 grams

Size: 43 cm x 55 cm

WARNINGS AND DISCLAIMER: Babies under four months of age must be monitored regularly while using this product. It is particulary important that the user must ensure the breathing of the baby is not hampered in any way when using this product. The manufacturer, retail partners and employees are in no way liable for any harm, damage, injury or death which may occur arising from, or in connection with this product or any manufacturing defects in respect of this produsct, as its use is outside of their control. Patent Pending Reg No: F2204-1298

Size Name Measurement SKU Inner Box QTY Shipper Carton QTY
One size 43 cm x 55 cm BMWB 1 20