Skintag allows you to treat skin tags quickly and easily at home. Skintag is based on the effective freezing method used by doctors, known as cryotherapy. Cryotherapy has proven to be reliable and effective freezing method for the treatment of skin tags. Freezing skin tags removes them resulting in new, fresh skin. Skin tags also known as fibroma or acrochordons a are soft benign growths on the skin that look like bumps or stalks. They often occur on the neck, throat or under the armpits or breasts. Skin tags are often the same colour as your skin but they can also be darker.

However they are always lighter than moles. This makes it easy to tell the difference. Skin tags are a few millimeters large and you may have just one or a number of them. No one knows quite how skin tags develop but they could be the result of systemic health problems, genetic disposition, age, weight, hormones, friction or poor healing wounds. We currently dont know how to prevent them. The healing process will take between 1 and 2 weeks. Smooth, pink skin will be revealed once the scab has fallen off. Skin will slowly return to normal and pigmentation will be regained. Protect your skin from the sun during the healing process by applying sunscreen to new skin for a period of 4 weeks following treatment.

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